Welcome to Ballots for Bernie!

Thank you to everyone who observed the California votes by mail and provisional vote count! Despite numerous incidents of voter suppression and fraud, we stood up and did something about it. The media wrongfully insisted that the California election was over before our primary, but millions of ballots were not counted.

Our work is not done! We are seeking volunteers to work with voter rights task force teams in California counties.

Attention NPP Voters!
Did your voter registration status somehow switch before June 7th? If so, you and many other No Party Preference voters were wrongfully switched to vote by mail status. We need you to submit your irregularity.

We Need Your Help!

Was your vote counted? Are you frustrated with the results of the CA primary?

We are hosting an EMERGENCY conference on October 8th and 9th, at the Grace Lutheran Church, located at 2369 Barrett Avenue, in Richmond, California.

We need your support to help fund it!

Join Us!